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11 Plus Tutors High Wycombe

Our 11 plus Tutors are fully Qualified Teachers with British Qualifications trained to tutor online. We offer 11 plus tuition from year 3 to year 5. We cover all formats of 11 plus syllabuses throughout the UK, whether it’s an entrance to a Grammar School or to a very prestigious Private School.

  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Non – Verbal Reasoning
  • Math’s
  • English
  • Qualified Teachers
  • National Curriculum
  • Live, Face-to-Face Tutor
  • Live Marking
  • Years 3 to 5, 11 – plus
  • Regular Feedback to Parents
  • Great Customer Service
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Verbal Reasoning

There are 21 types of Verbal Reasoning questions set by GL Assessment for the 11 Plus. We will cover all techniques in detail in theory and practise.

  • 05 – HIDDEN WORD E
  • 08 – MOVE A LETTER
  • 13 – MAKE A WORD R

Non – Verbal Reasoning

11 plus Non-verbal reasoning questions (NVR) are designed to test a child’s ability to work out problems regardless of their knowledge of English. The questions use abstract figures, which require the child to work out similarities in sequences of shapes or codes.

To be successful in a non-verbal reasoning test a child will need to:

  • Be able to see how objects relate to each other
  • Apply logical deduction skills
  • Understand maths concepts such as symmetry and rotation

Each question will usually have a sequence of 3 – 5 shapes and the child is required to find the shape that best completes the sequence.

There are numerous elements in each non-verbal reasoning question types such as the outline shape, the fill, the direction of the shape. The shape may rotate, be inverted, have different layers, increase or decrease in size. Some also require basic counting skills.

11 Plus Vocabulary

Vocabulary and spelling are essential elements of the 11 Plus tests. Vocabulary is useful for the Verbal Reasoning and English elements of the paper. At Adnan Khan Tutoring we make sure students cover a breadth of vocabulary through vocabulary lists, flashcards, test papers and vocabulary books. Students are always encouraged to learn new words and meanings through various exercises.

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Get your child the best 11 Plus Tuition in High Wycombe!

High Wycombe is also well recognised in education by having some of the best primary and secondary schools. There is a lot of competition to get into the best Grammar Schools because of some well-known Grammar Schools like Wycombe High School, John Hampden Grammar School and the Royal Grammar School. People in High Wycombe are eager to get their children to clear their 11 plus exams for entry into these top schools.

Why is 11 plus tough?

  • With the recent changes in the National Curriculum, the 11 plus exam is not an easy exam to pass anymore. Whereas 11 plus Maths and 11 plus English courses have become very difficult ones to master.
  • In general, Maths is considered to be the difficult one for children to understand, whether it’s GCSE Maths, Key stages or 11 plus Maths. As English is a compulsory subject, most exams include English, whether it’s SATS, GCSE or 11 plus English and their exam preparation is not a child play anymore.

11 Plus Tutoring in High Wycombe

If a child needs to prepare 11 plus Maths and 11 plus English or needs to cover certain areas of Maths and English, 11 plus tutors and 11 plus Tuition Centres are available near you and around High Wycombe.

What Kind of 11 plus Tuition Available in High Wycombe?

    • Online 11 plus tutoring platforms are available in High Wycombe. You can learn and practise your 11 plus Maths and 11 plus English courses by staying at home. You can find the best online tutoring in your area. You can also check out Explore Learning, Milestone Tutoring, Adnan Khan Tutoring and The Education centre.
    • You can also have the best 11 plus home tuition available in High Wycombe.
  • There are also 11 plus tuition centres in High Wycombe where you can learn, like Explore learning, Milestone Tutoring and The Education Centre.

What do we offer?

  • We provide you with a FREE TRIAL beforehand, so you can check by yourself.
  • Parents can check their children’ performances through reports and feedback.
  • We are offering you affordable pricing for our online courses.
  • If you want to subscribe to us then register here.
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Regular 11 Plus Live Classes With Expert Tutors!

At Adnan Khan Tutoring, we increase your child’s possibility to get into the grammar school that they prefer. We know what exactly a child needs when preparing for 11 plus exams. Our online 11 plus courses are helpful for all grammar schools in Buckinghamshire.

We ensure that  the students get an exceptional 11 plus tuition to fulfil their aims.

We have an excellent track record in preparing the pupils for the 11 plus exams. Adnan Khan and his expert team of tutors provide outstanding 11 plus tuition in High Wycombe, focusing on the child’s learning needs. We create a personalised tutoring plan and take one to one & group live classes. Our expert 11 plus tutors are qualified teachers with British Qualification. We have 20 years of experience in providing tuition services in High Wycombe.

Adnan Khan Tutoring understands the challenges regarding 11 plus exams preparation; we have divided our online 11 plus classes into 11 plus juniors and seniors. The 11 plus tutors pay attention to each student and help them boost their confidence.

Our online 11 plus exam practice tests help students develop their verbal reasoning and analytical skills. 

Our 11 Plus Verbal Reasoning Tests include Code Sequences, Missing Letters, Antonyms, Related Words, Complete the Sum, Code Sets and Word Analogies.

The 11 plus non-verbal reasoning course is categorised into 3/4 and 4/5 years, including all crucial topics. 

We know how difficult it is to cover the 11 plus syllabus in a short period. Our professional tutors make sure that the child goes through all the topics in this short time  and gets a strong grasp on all the 11 plus tests as well. We offer special 11 plus English, Maths, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning courses. The 11 plus exam papers are developed by CEM and GL assessment, but some schools produce their exam papers. We’ll help you with all types of 11 plus exam papers online.


We offer 11 plus English, 11 plus Maths, 11 plus verbal and non-verbal reasoning, 11 plus mock exam papers and 11 plus vocabulary. All of these online courses are excellently developed by experienced curriculum developers.

We cover all the areas in our 11+ mock practice tests, including Maths, English, Verbal, Non-Verbal, and spatial reasoning tests. We let the child solve similar questions which they will solve in the final 11 plus exams.

Our 11 Plus English lessons cover spellings, punctuation, comprehension and sentence completion. All of these tests are divided into different difficulty levels, allowing the student to test their understanding of different topics.

Online 11 Plus Maths course consists of 22 lessons, including core Maths topics: probability, decimals, fractions, reading graph, measurement, and word problems.

We have a wide range of assessment tests that help us assess the child’s current level to develop a customised plan.

The 11+ exam dates vary from area to area and school to school. Usually, most state grammar schools take 11 plus exams in September and October, whereas other local independent schools take their entrance exams in January.

Yes, we can help you hire 11 plus tutors in High Wycombe. We have been operating our tuition centres in High Wycombe for more than 20 years. You can contact us and we’ll provide you with expert 11 plus tutors in the town . We will also ensure that the tutor is experienced and all your requirements are being fulfilled.

Why us?

Our 11 plus Tutors are fully professional teachers, trained to tutor online. We offer 11 plus tuition from year 3 to year 5, covering all formats of 11 plus syllabuses throughout the UK.

  • We hire qualified 11 plus tutors.
  • We follow the National Curriculum.
  • Adnan Khan Tutoring also offers Live and Face-to-Face Tutor.
  • You can get the instant results in a few seconds after solving the complete test.
  • Premium courses, covering years 3 to 5 and 11 – plus.
  • Tutors give regular feedback to parents on the child’s progress.
  • With us, you get excellent customer services and teaching support.
  • We offer feasible membership plans.

For more information on 11 plus tuition, contact us at the following number.

[email protected]

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