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Abeya Khan

Abeya Khan

BSc Electrical Engineering from the University of Computer and Emerging Sciences – First Class (Hons)

A Levels

Applied ITC A

Physics A*

Chemistry A*

Maths B

GCSEs Core

Maths A*

Physics A*

Chemistry A*

Information and Communication Technology A*

Biology A

English A

About The Tutor
I’m an Electrical engineer with majors in Computer Science. As a child, I used to love logic building and designing. This translated in the love for coding and mathematics later in my life.

Teaching Experience:

I believe that by teaching others, one gets to hone his/her own knowledge towards the matter. I used to help my friends in their studies in my school life. This continued into my college years as well. Currently, I am teaching GCSE students, helping them to reach their optimum potential.


I love reading, the main areas of interests include fiction and non-fiction novels. Baking is also one of the main leisure activities that I thoroughly enjoy. In addition to that, I love watching Sitcoms; Friends, The Big Bang Theory to name a few.

Favourite book

Fiction is one of my favourite genres. As such, my favourite novel is “A Thousand Splendid Suns” by Khalid Hussaini. Apart from that, I’m also a big fan of Autobiographies.

Favourite food

I love to eat homemade food. Chinese is my favourite cuisine of which Chow mein is my favourite dish.

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