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The founder and Head teacher of the company is Adnan Khan, a qualified teacher by profession who came up with a unique system of learning through years of research partnerships with Universities in the UK.

The research into tutoring gave the founder a sound basis to trial the tutoring concepts on students that produced high-end results and gave the students and parents a-like confidence in the tutoring process.

Our company is always striving to improve the learning resources and methods of tutoring, as we believe the students always come first. We use a combination of tutoring approaches that help all types of learning needs and abilities.

The Adnan Khan Tutoring concept is unique in the sense that we use purpose-built resources, which match the national curriculum of the UK.

We use a real-time approach to tutoring whereby students are tested on a regular basis to ascertain the progress they have made and we revisit all topics that students need the most help in.

Online Assesmensts Adnan Khan Tutoring

Adnan Khan Tutoring has an 20-year reputation as a trusted and innovative provider of quality supplementary education. With Adnan Khan Tutoring, we continue to provide tuition assistance in reading, spelling, comprehension, English, Maths, Science and 11 Plus to students who are having difficulty with their school work or just want to excel and achieve great results.All our Tutors are qualified and experienced teachers. All our tutors’ references, qualifications have been double-checked. Our tutors are qualified, accredited and ethical tutors.

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How to Join Adnan Khan Tutoring


  • As many lessons a week including Maths, English, Science, 11 Plus and Exam Preparation.
  • An affordable payment structure.
  • A free online assessment in Maths and English by a qualified teacher.
  • Face to face tutoring, online, in your home environment.
  • An individual learning programme based around agreed personal goals.
  • We only cover the national curriculum.
  • We only recruit qualified, experienced teachers.
  • Access to our system in the UK and from anywhere around the world.
  • A fun and highly interactive system that uses the latest technology.
  • Regular feedback to parents.
  • Regular reports to parents.
  • A reassessment every four months to check progress.
  • Great Customer Service.
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