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English Tutors and Tuition in High Wycombe

Our English Tutors are fully Qualified Teachers with British Qualifications trained to tutor online. We offer English tuition at all levels from year 1 to year 11. We cover the National Curriculum.

  • Qualified Teachers
  • National Curriculum
  • Live, Face-to-Face Tutor
  • Live Marking
  • Years 1 to 11 English
  • Regular Feedback to Parents
  • Great Customer Service
  • Proven Results

Our English programme helps children aged from 5 to 16 years of age. The key areas of English at Adnan Khan Tutoring are broken down into 9 areas (below).
All these areas match the national curriculum and build on preparations for tests and exams at every level of the English language.

Online English Tuition
Student Engagement 100%
Development 100%
Results 99%


Engage students with the concept of reading through repeating and reciting. Learners point to and repeat simple familiar words that are both written and shown as vibrant illustrations. This helps them to associate spoken words with their written form. Through practice, they move from repeating after the Instructor to reciting to the Instructor, as they start to memorise and recognise familiar words.


Students learn from repeating and reciting to fluently reading words and short sentences aloud. They begin to trace words and learn letter sounds and how to blend them, all the time increasing their vocabulary. They also start to work on spelling patterns. By the end of their levels, they will be able to read short passages as well as write words independently and neatly. Throughout these levels, students are working to develop a sound study approach.


Our spelling process covers look, learn and practise and the same process is repeated again. We have tailor-made books that help the student’s confidence. During English lessons, students have to grasp with various words. These words are then applied in various contexts that students understand.


Students independently learn the words they need to know for deeper reading, clearer writing, and sharper thinking. Tutors provide you with the helpful insights you need to target your instruction toward the concepts that need more teaching, and the students who need more support.

Paragraph Building

Students work on grasping the flow of a story, identifying topics and main ideas, using many texts from the Recommended Reading List. In their reading, they learn how to deduce the point of each paragraph and to express their understanding in written form through restatement and description. By the end of their level, they will be able to unravel text and break it down to understand its topic and conclusion.

Summarisation and Critique

Tutors work on the students’ ability to express their own impressions of texts and to understand the sentiments of characters, including variations of mood and action, and how that is expressed. They learn how to summarise text, identifying keywords and their relationship to each other, as well as answering comprehension questions concisely, drawing reasoned conclusions from the information they have read.

Long Writing & Essays

Key stage 3 and GCSEs students are prepared to write longer pieces of writing. This includes planning, structure, content, punctuation and spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Exam Practise

At AK Tutoring, all students are prepared rigorously for mock tests and final exams. We use a combination of mock test papers, past exam papers and predicted papers as well as our in house books and worksheets.

Sentence Building

Students learn to put together simple sentences and understand more about their structure, expressions and punctuation. They build reading speed whilst being able to visualise the contents of the passage they are reading and grasp its meaning. They work on sentence complexity learning how to use the correct word order, verb forms and punctuation and use these skills to answer questions fully.

Finding the best English Tutor in High Wycombe for Your Child!

There is much competition among the students in High Wycombe. There are also many tuition centres which have the best English Tutors and also providing online English tuition i.e. Explore Learning, Adnan Khan Tutoring, Milestone Tutoring and The Education Centre. They focus on providing the best educational services to the students, so they could perform well and pass exams to get into the best Grammar Schools around them. One to one English tutors are also available in the area.

English is compulsory!

With the recent changes in National Curriculum subjects got much harder. Students need to learn about spellings, vocabulary, sentence structures and essay writing. As English is a compulsory subject, most exams include English, whether it’s SATS, GCSE or 11 plus English, the desire to pass these exams is becoming much more obvious.

  • Parents look for the private English tutors and Tuition centres to help their children in acing the English subject.
  • It is always good and helping if they have the best English tutoring near them because it is easy to drop and pick up your children.
  • Most of the parents want English home tuition for their children. Parents considered it more safe and secure.

What Kind of English Tuitions are Available in High Wycombe?

    • In the current era of technology, online tutoring is becoming very popular. You can learn and practise your online English lessons by staying at home. Tutor gives live lessons using the online platform. You can find the best online tutoring in your area.
    • You can go to the tutor’s house to learn or the tutor can come to yours.
  • There are also best English tuition centres in High Wycombe where you can learn, like Explore learning, Milestone Tutoring, Adnan Khan Tutoring and The Education Centre.
  • Most people go for private English teachers who are qualified enough to give private English lessons to adults ensuring the best results.

Expert and Qualified Online Tutors, Sign up your child with us!

With an extensive experience of 20 years in mainstream education, we know how to help your child with English. We provide affordable online English tuition from year 1 to year 11. The company understands the need for afterschool supplementary tutoring to fill the gaps and help students excel in their academic life.

English is an important and compulsory subject, included in each entrance exam and curriculum. The British people are very cautious about the English language. They want their children to learn and master the grammar, punctuation and spellings.

We provide your child with professional online English tutors! 

Adnan khan tutoring is an experienced tutoring agency with an excellent track record in helping the children with their English language. We have a qualified team of English tutors, providing quality online English tuition. Our experienced English tutors assess the child’s learning needs before they start tutoring. We understand that each child has a different understanding level and some children need more attention.

Our experienced curriculum developers have created online English practice tests for all years, meeting the National Curriculum. We provide our students with the confidence and spirit they need in their academics. Our English mock tests are also useful in helping the child for final exams.

English tends to get complicated when the students learn new concepts and topics in different grades. Children need help to understand the topics in detail. We can clearly see that every  exam or entrance test consists of the significant English portion. This makes it even more important for students to have a stronger grasp of their English writing skills. We have various online practice tests on comprehension exercises, fiction and non-fiction writing, writing and poetic techniques, and more advanced topics, making sure that the student practices all the  final exam’s assessment requirements. We also provide these assessments online taught by our expert English Tutors.


We offer English tuition at all levels from year 1 to year 11, covering the National Curriculum. The key areas of the  English subject are broken down by Adnan Khan Tutoring into 9 areas: Reading, Writing, Spellings, Vocabulary, Paragraph building, Summarisation and Critique, Sentence building, Long Writing and Essays. We also provide online exam practice tests.

These areas match the national curriculum and ensure preparations for tests and exams at every English language level.

Our 11 plus English test papers include comprehension, spellings, punctuation and sentence completion in detail. You can take the tests multiple times and get the result in real time.

Tutorful, Tutor doctor and Trust-pilot are some of the sites that help parents find and hire a qualified English tutor for their children. You can read the reviews given by students and parents on these websites regarding different tutors.

Yes, we do. Adnan Khan Tutoring has its centres working in High Wycombe. We can help you hire a well qualified and experienced English tutor in High Wycombe. Our specialist tutors provide excellent online English tuition in High Wycombe according to the child’s learning needs.

We cover a wide range of English year groups and topics in our online GCSE courses, including year 10 and year 11. Our online GCSE English years include three sections: reading, formal and informal English and English literature.

Why Adnan khan tutoring?

  • We offer online tutoring classes, including group and one-to-one live classes.
  • Adnan khan tutoring has a team of outstanding and expert online English tutors.
  • Our online English tuition includes assessment tests to check the student’s English skills in a particular area.
  • Our expert online tutors focus on student’s weaknesses and create a personalised plan according to their needs.
  • We provide parents with full support and regular feedback on the child’s performance.
  • We offer a sound learning environment for our students.
  • Our tutors assign regular homework at the end of the live class.
  • We offer a free trial of two weeks,allowing you to experience our tutoring services beforehand.

For more information on English tuition, contact us on the following number or email us at the address shown below. Our customer support agent will get back to you and will answer all your queries on call.

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