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Madeeha Bari

Masters of Engineering (Computer Systems) in Computer Architecture and Systems Design from the University of Engineering and Technology – First Class Hons

A Levels

Computing B

Physics B

Chemistry C

Mathematics C


Physics A

Mathematics A

Chemistry B

Computing C

About The Tutor
I’m an architect, a teacher and, above all, a humanitarian.I am a very optimistic person who knows that she will never give up. I have a passion to share my knowledge with others and a growing interest in the logical aspects of technology.

Teaching Experience:

With experience in the industrial and educational field, I have an in-depth knowledge of the subjects and have been successful in fostering a friendly and constructive learning environment for my students. Since 04 years, I have not only been mentoring my students to achieve good grades with maximum understanding, but have also provided educational, social and career oriented guidance. I hope to continue the same for my future students.


I prefer reading books in my free time. I am a staunch believer of the saying ” Books are your best friends”. I enjoy reading all kinds of genres. However, I enjoy fiction and reading about different characters in a story more. Apart from that, I enjoy cooking, desserts being my speciality.

Favourite book

With Elif Shakaf being one of my recent favourite novelists, I enjoyed reading 40 rules of love thoroughly. The message, the setting, the story and the characters were all so mesmerising that it kept me engaged the entire time.

Favourite food

I am not very picky when it comes to food as I believe in eating healthy, tasting and trying new cuisines, especially desserts. My absolute favourite is anything with coffee.

Favourite Film

Interstellar is one of my favourite sci-fi films. Despite the long duration of the movie one doesn’t lose interest in it for even a second. The wonders of outer space keeps you glued to it till the end.

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