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Maths Tuition High Wycombe

Our Maths Tutors are fully Qualified Teachers with British Qualifications trained to tutor online. We offer Maths tuition at all levels from year 1 to year 11. We cover the National Curriculum.

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  • Years 1 to 11 Maths
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Our Maths programme helps children aged from 5 to 16 years of age. The key areas of maths at Adnan Khan Tutoring are broken down into 8 areas (below).

All these areas match the national curriculum and build on preparations for tests and exams.

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Four Operations

What are the four operations? The four operations refer to addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The basic fundamentals of maths for all children start here.


Topics in Arithmetic include whole numbers, place values, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, factoring, basic fractions, decimals, exponents, scientific notations, percentages, integers, proportions and word problems.


Fractions are one way of showing numbers that are parts of a whole. Other ways are decimals and percentages. You can also convert between fractions, decimals and percentages. Like whole numbers and decimals, fractions can be either positive or negative. Fractions include adding, subtracting, multiply, divide, fractions of amounts, mixed fractions, improper fractions.


Algebra is predominant in primary and secondary school maths. And we will guide you through among other things expressions, systems of equations, functions, real numbers, inequalities, exponents, and polynomials, radical and rational expressions.


Probability is the maths of chance. A probability is a number that tells you how likely (probable) something is to happen. Probabilities can be written as fractions, decimals or percentages.


In its simplest form, geometry is the mathematical study of shapes and space. Geometry can deal with flat, two-dimensional shapes, such as squares and circles, or three-dimensional shapes with depth, such as cubes and spheres.


Statistics is a branch of applied mathematics concerned with collecting, organising, and interpreting data. Statistics is also the mathematical study of the likelihood and probability of events occurring based on known quantitative data or a collection of data. Here we teach our students how to interpret graphs and tables and produce meaningful results.

Exams Practise

At AK Tutoring, all students are prepared rigorously for mock tests and final exams. We use a combination of mock test papers, past exam papers and predicted papers as well as our in house books and worksheets.

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Help your child with the best Online Maths Tuition in High Wycombe!

The competition is getting stiffer among the students in High Wycombe. There are some best tuition centres in the area which are providing best tutorial services i.e. Explore Learning, Adnan Khan Tutoring, Milestone Tutoring  and The Education Centre. Most parents prefer Maths tuition near them because it is convenient for them to pick and drop their children. Plus, they also look for Maths tutors or Maths private tuition which are offering their services near them

Maths – An important and difficult subject!

Due to the recent reforms in the National Curriculum of the UK, subjects are becoming more challenging. The new content is much deeper and requires more teaching time to make the students understand. So, School learning is not just enough, parents look for other options now. Maths is a compulsory subject, most exams include Maths, whether it’s SATS, GCSE or 11 plus, and to pass these exams is the main goal.

  • Parents who can afford mostly opt for private Maths tutors or Maths home tutor to help their children in mastering the Maths subject.
  • Most parents want Maths tutors near or in the area which is not so far from them because it is convenient.
  • Those who can’t afford private maths tutors or home tutor, they consider to opt for online maths tuition which is easily affordable for parents.

What Kind of Maths Tuitions are Available in High Wycombe?

  • Qualified Maths private tutors  are also available, you can drop your child at their homes, where tutor can give lessons and train you child. 

What do we have for our customers? 

  • We provide you with a free online Maths tuition as a FREE TRIAL and a free assessment beforehand, so you can check your child’s strengths and weaknesses and get a free report from us.
  • We also offer online tuition for GCSE, 11 plus and A levels.
  • We offer you an affordable pricing structure that meets your needs.
  • If you want to subscribe to us then register here.

If you are looking for more information on helping your child then contact us on the number shown below. You can also send us a message on WhatsApp and one of our staff members will get back to you straight away.

Expert and Qualified Online Maths Tutors

Enroll Your Child With Us At An Affordable Pricing Plan!

Adnan Khan Tutoring with an extensive experience of 20 years, is the best platform  to prepare your child for the Maths exams. Our company has its centres in High Wycombe with hundreds of students.

The founder Adnan Khan is a qualified teacher and private tutor with over 20 years of mainstream education experience. He saw the need for afterschool supplementary tutoring, which would fill the gaps and surpass students learning to an excellent standard. The remarkable success rate of his tutoring platform itself proves the fact that how much additional tutoring helps the students to overcome their problems.

We are committed to your child’s progress in Maths subject!

With an exceptional track record in preparing the child for Math subjects, Adnan Khan and his team of qualified tutors provide the best online Maths tuition. Our expert Maths tutors focus on a child’s learning needs and create a customised plan.

Our online Maths courses are well-structured and give children the confidence to pass Maths exams with a higher percentage. We understand the competition among the children, so we design and develop our lessons accordingly.

Maths is the most challenging subject and compulsory in each year of primary and secondary schools. Entrance exams and assessment tests also include a significant portion of Maths. The most critical aspect of Maths preparation is practising the problems. Our Maths tutors provide the best  practice tests to students in the live classes.


Our Maths tuition covers all levels from year 1 to year 11, GCSE, SATs, 11 Plus, 12 Plus and 13 Plus following the UK’s National Curriculum. Our Maths programme helps children aged; 5 to 16 years.. The key areas of Maths at Adnan Khan Tutoring are divided into eight areas (below).

All these areas match the national curriculum and build on preparations for tests and exams.

Yes, we do offer Maths tuition for 11 plus. We cover all the Maths topics included in 11 plus syllabus. Our online tutoring classes are divided into 11 plus juniors and seniors. We help the students with their 11 plus Maths exams preparation.

We have hundreds of online Maths practice tests, covering each topic. Our online tests consist of basic arithmetic, operations, probability, geometry, fractions, decimals, statistics and algebra. We also provide online Maths quizzes based on  complicated topics. We offer free assessment tests that help in assessing the child’s Maths knowledge.

At Adnan khan tutoring, all pupils are prepared rigorously for mock tests and final exams. We have a combination of Maths mock test papers, past exam papers and predicted papers and our in house books and worksheets.

We follow a strict procedure when hiring a tutor. Adnan khan tutoring ensures a child’s safety. We thoroughly check the tutor’s background before hiring them. We make sure the tutor has a clean criminal history.

We offer a free trial of two weeks before you sign up the child. We let you decide either our online Maths tuition is suitable for your child or not.

Why do parents choose Adnan Khan tutoring for Maths tuition in High Wycombe?

  • We have an accurate number of students in our live classes allowing the tutor to focus on each student  and also offer one-to-one online tuition with individual attention.
  • AK tutoring has a qualified team of exceptional and experienced online Maths tutors.
  • We offer a variety of assessment tests to test the child’s current level of Maths skills.
  • Our qualified Maths tutors develop a personalised tuition plan targeting the specific areas.
  • Regular feedback reports to parents so they can know the child’s progress.
  • We provide a friendly and supportive learning environment.
  • After each class, tutors assign homework to students.
  • Affordable memberships plans, monthly and yearly with flexible payment options.
  • Comprehensive holidays courses and homework.
  • We also offer full teaching and moral support to all our students.

If you want to know more about us or need any information regarding Maths tuition, send us a message on the WhatsApp number below. Our customer support will get back to you and answer all your queries.

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