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Muhammad Shazam Shahbaz

Muhammad Shazam Shahbaz

BS in Electrical Engineering – First Class Hons.

A Levels

Physics B

Chemistry B

Maths B


Maths A

Physics A

Chemistry A

Biology A

About The Tutor
I am an Electrical Power Engineer by profession. I love Maths, English & Science subjects and my passion has always been to teach students new and difficult topics to make their learning experiences top of this world.

Teaching Experience:

I have been teaching for some years now. I initially started by teaching my younger siblings and moved up from there as a qualified tutor. I love teaching Maths and Science subjects. Teaching students gives an opportunity to really show off my skills.


I love photography. I have been into photography for God knows how long. I play basketball and football occasionally with friends. Gaming is what I really enjoy after a long hectic day.

Favourite book

I really loved Gulliver’s Travels back when I was in school. Now I love to read comic books every now and then.

Favourite food

I love Arabic food. Shawarma and Kunafa are my favourite dishes.

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