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Science Tutors and Tuition in High Wycombe

Our Science Tutors are fully Qualified Teachers with British Qualifications trained to tutor online. We offer Science tuition at all levels from year 1 to year 11. We cover the National Curriculum.

  • Qualified Teachers
  • National Curriculum
  • Live, Face-to-Face Tutor
  • Live Marking
  • Years 1 to 11 Science
  • Regular Feedback to Parents
  • Great Customer Service
  • Proven Results
Online Science Tutors - Online Science Tuition
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Help your child with the best Science tutors in High Wycombe!

High Wycombe is also well known for academics and way more competitive. If you are looking for the best science tutors or private science tutoring here in High Wycombe or near you, then there are plenty of tutoring centres available i.e. Explore Learning, Milestone Tutoring, Adnan Khan Tutoring and The Education Centre. They offer well-qualified tutors and the best educational services to the students to help a child to pass exams and get into the best Grammar Schools near them. Many science tutoring services are available in Birminghamshire.

Why Science look difficult?

With the recent changes in National Curriculum subjects got much harder. If we talk about Science which consists of Chemistry, Biology and Physics, many things have been included in these subjects as well. There are a lot of terms which children find difficult to learn and practise. Also, school learning is not enough for an average child to keep up with the subject. So, parents started thinking of providing their child with extra learning.

  • Parents look for private Science tutoring and Tuition centres to help their children in mastering the Science subject.
  • Mostly the parents prefer tuition centres near them, Conveyance becomes easy for their children.
  • Most of the parents also want Science home tuition for their children. In this way, parents can keep a check on their children and tutors as well.

Science Tutoring In High Wycombe!

    • In this modern world, online tutoring is considered very effective. You can learn and practise your online Science lessons by staying at home. You can find the best online tutoring in your area.
    • You can go to the tutor’s house to learn or the tutor can come to yours.
  • There are also best Science tuition centres in High Wycombe where you can learn, like Explore learning, Milestone Tutoring and The Education Centre. They are equally as good as Science tutoring in London.

What Adnan Khan Tutoring is providing?

We are leaving entirely up to you to decide the best for your child.

  • We provide you with a FREE TRIAL beforehand, so you can check by yourself.
  • You can also check the report and feedback on the child’s performance.
  • We offer you an affordable payment structure. If you want to subscribe to us then register here.

Key Stage 1, 2, 3 and GCSE Science Tuition, Enroll your child with us!

Adnan Khan Tutoring is one of the leading tutoring companies in the UK, innovating tutoring with its revolutionary ideas and methods. The company aims to provide students with every tool they need to accomplish their goals in academic life. We understand the child’s learning needs and how to help with their studies. Adnan Khan, the company’s founder, has over 20 years of teaching experience in the UK. With his extensive tutoring experience, he knows why additional tuition is vital for children.

We provide all tutoring services, including centre tuition, private tutoring and online tutoring. Our online tuition is more advanced, and we offer a hi-tech learning platform in the UK.

Science is a crucial subject divided into Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The lessons get challenging with the increase in the student’s learning concepts. We realise the difficulties that students face in understanding science lessons. We offer a wide range of online science courses, including all key stages and GCSE; our online science tuition covers every important lesson on all three subjects; Physics, Chemistry and Biology at all levels. Parents can easily find a science tutor to help the child.

Our unique tutoring ideas and tactics produce high-end results!

Adnan Khan Tutoring offers live classes of key stage 3 Science and GCSE Science, taken by professional online science tutors. Tutors take live classes according to the time table, which also includes homework submission.

We strive to improve the learning resources and tutoring methods to provide the students with the best atmosphere and techniques to learn science. We use a combination of tutoring strategies that help all learning needs and skills required in Science.

We also take care of parents’ concerns and provide them with the best support. We also hold workshops for parents and students on how they can create a good environment to study and what they should practice at home to improve their concepts. Parents and teachers in High Wycombe highly recommend Adnan Khan Tutoring.


We provide Physics, Chemistry and Biology lessons in our Key Stage 3 Science tuition. Our KS3 Science lessons are divided into multiple sections, covering all the topics included in the curriculum.

Our KS3 Science physics section covers all major chapters including, Electricity and Magnetism,Forces and Motion, Light and Sound, The Earth and Beyond, Energy Resources and Energy Transfer.
In the chemistry section, we offer Classifying Materials, Changing Materials and Patterns of Behaviour.
The biology lessons consist of Cells and Cell Functions, Humans as Organisms, Green Plants as Organisms, Human Body lessons, Variation, Classification and Inheritance, and Living Things in their Environment.

Yes, we not only offer GCSE science courses but also provide live classes. Our GCSE science lessons are tailored to the child’s learning needs. We provide all GCSE lessons consisting of individual sections; Chemistry, Physics and Biology.

Many students Enrolled in our tuition centres, are getting excellent science tuition in High Wycombe for many years. We can even help you hire private science tutors in High Wycombe.

We are currently offering a 10% discount on our GCSE and Key Stage 3 Science booster courses. It costs you £129.00 per month for 12 total payments with one year of access.


  • An affordable pricing structure and feasible membership plans.
  • Free online assessments developed by qualified teachers.
  • We also offer face to face tutoring, online, in your home environment.
  • Individualised learning programme based on agreed personal goals.
  • We cover the national curriculum of the UK.
  • We only hire qualified, expert teachers.
  • We provide the best diagrams and teaching methods, covering all the gaps of the students and giving them the best online experience and understanding of the subject.
  • Complete access to our system in the UK and from anyplace around the world.
  • We offer a fun and highly interactive platform, using the most advanced technology.
  • Regular feedback and other performance reports to parents.
  • A reassessment every four months to check the child’s progress.
  • Excellent customer support and services.

For more information, contact us at the WhatsApp number shown below. You’ll get a timely response from one of our staff members. You can even call us during working hours.

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